22 Febuary 2012 Eastern Asia & Western Pacific Weather Update

Wet weather will be found over parts of Asia on Wednesday in to Thursday as several low pressure areas develop out of China moving East.  First one across Northern China will drift east across Korea deepening while drawing in moisture out of the relatively warm waters of the East China sea to the south. The image to the right shows this low on Thursday night as it strengthens.  It also shows a secondary low developing along a stationary boundary just south of Japan already bringing isolated rain showers to the South East coast today.  This low will bring continued rainfall to the East Coast including Okinawa extending North to the Kanto Plain.  Overall expect rain and snow showers across much of Japan and Korea through the remainder of the week.  Behind the the developing low colder drier air will filter in to Northern China, yet to the south Warmer Tropical Weather will continue to dominate.

Good news is the North East Monsoon has settled down across the western pacific reducing the heavy rainfall that has been seen over the past week.  In Indo-china fair weather has set up leading to isolated afternoon rain showers. This same influence extends over the Philippines where the broad bands of rain showers that have been seen in the region haft relaxed leading to fair weather through the remainder of the week.  Defiantly a good time to get out and enjoy the beach or go do some plans that have been put off during the heavy rainfall during the past week.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or comments, ~Meteorologist Robert Speta

4 Responses to “22 Febuary 2012 Eastern Asia & Western Pacific Weather Update”

  1. NIce job, how to tell how this will affect us in Washington state and the Cascades coming up this weekend? Cold moisture, or warm?

    • Interesting point and something I have not even thought about, this low that ran off of Japan very well could spell more snowfall for those avalanche prone areas in the Northwest.

      • You’d be surprised how much interest there is now on the part of lay weather enthusiasts, or better yet, outdoor recreationists who delve deeper into weather information. Your site is one more in the tool bin.

      • Thanks, please keep coming back and glad your enjoy the site!

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