Fair Weather Sets in over the Tropics while the Rainy Season Starts to fire up in the North. 23 FEB 2012 Outlook

The North East Monsoon is in a lull faze currently across the Philippines towards South East Asia, this comes at no displeasure to most of the population as much of central Visayas continues to recover from the large earthquake that struck the region just several weeks ago.   Rouge rain showers continue to fall in isolated areas though but overall rain totals should not add to anything more than 50mm at the most.  See PATS update from earlier today for a detailed outlook on the PI and his 3 day forecast. (Seen Right).  This pattern should remain in place through the remainder of the week.  With the Madden Julian Oscillation remaining weak in this portion of the globe expect sunny skies most of the time at least through the weekend.  A perfect time to get out of the house and enjoy the country side or to do that yard work you been putting off.   This fair weather though is going to remain concentrated in the tropics.

  As we look North Across Eastern China, Korea and Japan we see a deepening area of low pressure pushing out of the East China Sea.  This low is expected to continue to deepen while pushing east in to Japan.  Ahead of it though expect a surge of warm air being pulled in from the south bringing temperatures above average to much of Eastern Japan. Yet this will be short lived and by Thursday night in to Friday heavy rain showers  and isolated thunderstorms will hit much of the area to the south with snow settling across Korea over to Hokkaido. (Radar to Left showing Rain over Japan)  As the low pushes off away from Japan even  more rainfall is expected to linger across Eastern China through the Ryuku islands through the weekend in to next week as the Rainy Season stationary front gives us a taste of its development. Typically this front does not fully start up until May in to July but as we push towards March we do see it begin to light up like someone striking a match. 

Please continue to check back for more updates and as always stay safe out there.

~Meteorologists Robert Speta

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