Philippines 3-Day Forecast | February 22, 2012

We are looking at mainly clear weather for this week for much of the Philippines. There are some thunderstorms that are forming, though, particularly across Luzon. These thunderstorms shouldn’t last too long although they certainly can bring a huge volume of rain in small span of time so please watch out for landslides and flashfloods. Right now, thunderstorms are being spotted across Central and Southern Luzon, Cordilleras, parts of Palawan and Zamboanga Peninsula. Again, these should begin to die down tonight although won’t be surprised if some areas report more than 50mm of rain.

Forecast Graphic, NOT OFFICIAL!

We expect to see more rogue thunderstorms like these develop throughout the week as the weather really allows for all that heat to rise and enhance convective activity, particularly during the afternoon hours. As for temperatures, urban areas could see as high as the mid 30s, particularly Manila and Davao. Aside from isolated thunderstorms, next chance of precipitation comes in this Friday. As the cold front dives down, there could be some showers developing along Northern and Eastern Luzon areas. Unfortunately, the cold front won’t be bringing much relief in terms of temperatures.

For Visayas and Mindanao,  mainly clear weather as well with isolated thunderstorms. Next chance of precipitation arrives this weekend. The ITCZ is being modeled to make a push westward and enhance rain showers for Eastern Visayas and parts of Mindanao. Not looking at big rains here so only put 40% and 50% for Cebu and Davao, respectively.

Next update will be this Saturday, February 25.

-WxCaster PAT

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