24 FEB 2012 Western Pacific & Eastern Asia Weather Update

A stationary boundary extending across eastern china to southern Japan is still bringing cloudy skies with occasional rain to most that region today. This comes in the wake of a large area of low pressure that effected much of the region yesterday but now is racing away from Honshu towards the Northern Pacific.   Rainfall is currently being reported  across much of eastern china and in a few of the Ryuku islands this morning.  This rain is expected to remain scattered to isolated as another low pressure system develops off of this boundary by Monday. This will bring another shot of the wet stuff to most of the North.  Therefore for those of you in the across Korea and in to Japan that have a break in the cloud cover this weekend take advantage of it before the next westerly low runs through. Temperatures across Japan as well will reach the double digits for the highs while across the Asian interior they continue to stay in the single digits if not below freezing.

An exception to the break in the cloud cover though is snow being reported across Western Japan.  The Ocean effect snow machine that we have been hearing about so much this winter is kicking up yet again with the cool northerly air coming across the Sea of Japan.  The image to the right shows up to 50mm of snowfall expected over the next several days. This is adding up on the several meter snowpack already in place across much of North East Honshu.

To the South the tropics remain quite, as we talked  about yesterday the rainfall has tapered off as the Northeast Monsoon takes a break from the heavy amount of precipitation it has been producing the last several weeks.  Today most of the easterlies from Guam to Thailand look clear on satellite. The exception continues to remain the isolated afternoon storm that usually effect the tropics. But with the uplift low currently these should remain far and few between through the weekend.  This is going to be accompanied by tropical temperatures with most of the Philippines today reporting there lows only in the low 20s.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the fair weather if you have it!

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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