26 FEB 2012 Western Pacific & Eastern Asia Weather Update

Great Beach Day in Palua

The story remains unchanged as we go in to Sunday for the tropics.  This weekend still remains a great beach weather day for the Philippines, Guam and even much of South East Asia as the North East monsoon remains laxed across the region.  Therefore expect clear skies for the most part in the the tropics over the course of the week. A few exceptions still remain, first is the daily afternoon tropical thunderstorms that could produce some heavy rainfall at times.  These likely be accompanied by a few bust of lightning, yet none should be severe and rainfall should remain low as Pat stated in his earlier update.  High temperatures will also remain tropical in nature with them peaking up in to the low 30s from Guam to Thailand.  Once again enjoy this great weather.   Typhoon season 2012 is only just prior to dawn currently, a short lived night for the western pacific.

2012 Typhoon Summary as of FEB 26

If your anywhere from Eastern China to Japan though this week will be 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  Heavy rainfall is expected to fall in most of the region while a series of low pressure areas push across the boundary of low pressure that is set up currently.  Therefore keep your umbrella handy and be sure to dress warm as snow will be expected in northern Japan through Korea as well.  Dense fog is also setting up across much of China including Hong Kong due to the cold air spilling in from the North over the relatively warmer surface of the region.  This is often seasonal and should become more relaxed in the weeks to come.  (On the surface Chart below the dots in Yellow indicate fog with the dots in green indicating rain.)

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