Philippines 3-Day Forecast | February 25, 2012

Absolutely gorgeous weather these past few days for much of the Tropics. We haven’t really seen any major precipitation over the South China Sea and the Western Pacific. A few thunderstorms here and there and that’s just about it for this part of Asia. Furthermore, accompanying this weather are warm temperatures that are being registered across the region. Manila, for example, has hit their warmest temperatures this year with a reading of 34.4C last Thursday. As the grip of winter and the NE monsoon begins to weaken, we expect more temperatures like this across SE Asia. As Rob said in his earlier update, this also means we’re now awaiting the “real” start of the tropical season in the Western Pacific.

Anyway, as for the forecast, clear weather will continue for the next few days with only isolated thunderstorms to worry about. Hopefully, most of the rains won’t be too much of a concern although still be wary of the potential for flashfloods and landslides from these brief storms. Some rain showers could work their way in early next week, especially in Mindanao, as the ITCZ tries to move westward.

3-Day Forecast Graphic, NOT OFFICIAL!

Next update will be on Tuesday, February 28.

-WxCaster PAT


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