A weak disturbance hits the Southern Philippines with a break in the wet weather to the North. 27 FEB 2012

A break in the wet weather is occurring over most of Japan and Korea today for a brief period of time as a bubble area of high pressure sets in in between a fast moving low running away from Honshu today and another low setting up across the Tibetan Plateau and starts to push East bringing yet another shot of heavy rainfall by mid-week to North East Asia. The exception for the break in the unpleasant  weather yet again is the west coast of Japan where show showers from the ocean effect snow machine continue to drop the white stuff across the region. The image to the right displays yet again over 50mm being expected across parts of North East Honshu.  To the east though Sunday’s cloud cover will give way to sunnier skies across Tokyo with highs reaching near 10degrees on monday.  North of the Polar Front jet (the main desperate of the cold and warm air ) temperatures continue to dip below freezing.

Towards the south the tropics remain warm and pleasant going in to Monday.  There is a weak disturbance approaching Mindanao that could tally up numbers above 50mm in localized areas along the eastern portions of the island Monday, yet this is expected to remain weak and only last through Monday with the weather clearing by mid-week.

Therefore in summary the tropics remain mostly quite today, another great day to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  An umbrella is going to be a necessary accessory by mid-week in Korea and Japan and bundle up for those of you reading this from Hokkaido and Northern China.

Have a great day everyone! ~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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