A shot of Snow to Tokyo while the tropics remain quite, 29 FEB 2012

A deep area of low pressure is racing across Japan this morning bring a rain/snow mix to the East coast including Tokyo. Therefore make sure to have the umbrella handy and bundle up because its going to be a cold few days.  To the west though in Korea and China today expect fair and dry conditions.  Behind this low more snow is also expected along the West coast as cold air begins to filter in towards Northern Japan on Thursday while the the south remains dry for a brief period of time.  But this will be short lived as another low develops out of china bringing an even larger shot of rainfall to China, Korea and much of Japan on Friday in to the weekend.

Across the tropics seasonal airmass thunderstorms and rain showers dominate the weather pattern with nothing significant expected in the coming days. There is some convection though across the southern Philippines over towards Borneo that will increase the afternoon thunderstorms in those regions but I do not anticipate any flooding.

Lastly I want to remind everyone that in a little over a month I will be starting with NHK World Newsline, so be sure to get the channel, App or just watch it online at this link.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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