Flood Warnings Issued Across Australia / 29 FEB 2012

Flood warnings are in effect across New South Wales and Southern Australia today as a frontal system stretches across the country.  We quickly touched on this a few days ago with our previous Australian Update, since then though this elongated frontal system extending off a low pressure area south of Australia has dumped over 100mm of rainfall in many locations across the south with Northwestern Australia seeing an associated trough bringing rainfall to the region.

Australia Flood Potential Indicated by the TRMM Satellite

Unfortunately this rainfall is expected to linger through the week and in to the weekend while gradually drifting towards the East. Over 300-400mm of rainfall can be seen in some locations in Southern Australia with less but still enough to cause flooding in New South Wales and eventually Queensland over the weekend. This heavy amount of rainfall is sure to swell river banks and cause low lying flooding not only in the Outback but in the Metropolitan areas including Sydney.  The analysis below is from the BOM indicating the easterly progression of this trough.

As always stay safe everyone, if you find yourself approaching a flooded road while driving always be careful and ensure to minimize risk and be safe.

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