Tokyo Japan Snow Videos & Forecast / 01 MAR 2012

Much of Eastern Japan including Tokyo saw snow today, it was nothing significant by most standards but the few inches that did fall across the Metro area today causing travel delays school closings and an overall hazard to most residents. The few inches that did fall often shut down the well oiled machine of Metro Tokyo due to a lack of infrastructure built to withstand the snowfall. The good news is rising temperatures and the Low Albedo ( Surface Reflection) of the surface in the region will result in a fast melt time allowing for everyone’s lives to get back to normal.

Another shot of wet snow may come over the weekend though, accumulations should remain very low during this next shot but wet weather and an unpleasant weekend is certainly in store for much of Japan. The image below shows the GFS model outlook for this next low pressure system. The areas in the greens and reds indicating the heavier precipitation.

Below is a few videos found on youtube of the snowfall in the area. If you have any that you shot please share them and I’ll be sure to post them in the Update.


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