02 MAR 2012 Western Pacific & Eastern Asia Weather Update

A developing low is bringing heavy rain and snow across Korea and

Korean Radar

eastern china today, this is expected to last until this evening before the low moves on to Japan where rain and snowfall is expected in the island country as well through Saturday. Therefore for much of the westerlies expect an umbrella ready weekend with the weather being foul across the region.

Behind this low a stationary boundary is still expected to linger out through china bringing widespread mist and fog to south eastern china including Hong Kong.  South of the boundary temperatures will also remain in the teens.

JMA 24hr Forecast

Good news is to the south the tropics are still quite,  a few showers can be found across the Philippines today but these should remain isolated with total rainfall amounts remaining low.  To the south of Guam we are watching an area of convection that has developed up over the past 24hrs, this area of instability could bring some rough weather to Palua and the PI by next week but time will tell as during this time of year this disturbances often become disorganized and disperse as they track east.

One Response to “02 MAR 2012 Western Pacific & Eastern Asia Weather Update”

  1. yeah…so foggy again-humidity of the chart reaching 104% in some places.

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