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More Rainfall Across the Southern PI and the Rainy Season starts up in Japan/ 04 MAR 2012

Across the Tropics today the weather remains calm with the exception of a band of convective weather moving across the Southern Philippines. This area is not expected to become anything organized but does pose the threat of causing localized flooding and even the potential for landslides as it dumps un-needed rainfall across the country.  Expect this rainfall to continue to strike the region through mid-week. Even if the current storms do taper off there is still the upward vertical motion and instability from the region that will continue to spark off strong storms.

JMA 24hr Forecast

To the North the rainy season stationary boundary that often sets up this time of year across China over towards Japan is really showing force this weekend. The satellite imagery to the right clearly shows a band of cloud cover stretching across the westerlies.  This boundary though is being sparked up every 3-4 days as upper level troughs continue to flow through the region kicking it up. ( A clear example of Patterson’s Rule) Therefore as we go in to Sunday and then Monday another System will develop in Eastern China race across the Korean Pen bringing heavy rain and show showers to the upper elevations before charging on to Japan on Monday where it is expected to cause unpleasant conditions up and down the island chain.  Therefore be ready with an umbrella and leave the house a little early as travel may be delayed in some locations.

Good news is I think severe weather should remain low with this next westerly storm, as far as thunderstorm and lightning activity as the air masses involved are not as

Storm Reports in the U.S For the 2nd of March

conflicted as the storm systems that have been hitting the states over the past several days where nearly 100 Tornado reports have been confirmed across the South Eastern United States.

Lastly I should have a video updates within the next 2 weeks again. Currently I’m in South Korea forecasting the weather across the Peninsula. But by mid March I should be back in Japan producing more videos. And also remember in the Early Part of April I’ll be on NHK World bringing you the weather! So keep an eye out for that.