07 March 2012 Western Pacific & Eastern Asia Update

A deep 991hpa area of low pressure is now racing off the east coast of Hokkiodo

Japan 3 Day Snow Outlook

today bringing snowfall to most of the Northern Island with some snowfall making it’s way in to Northern Honshu. (See the Chart to the Right). In the wake of this low a stationary and stubborn trough lingers across southern Japan through Eastern China bringing wet weather to the Ryuku islands including Okinawa. Japanese radar Wednesday morning indicates even the threat of isolated thunderstorms to most of the southern isles. Expect this to push through today but as we go through the week this stubborn trough will continue to linger bringing un-wanted and un-pleasant cloud cover and rain to the region.

As we look south towards South Eastern China including Hong Kong the Crochin associated with the North East Monsoon is effecting the area bringing fog and rain to most of the region. Expect this to persist through the week as well as cold air continues to flow south dropping Hong Kong Temperatures in to the 50’s overnight.

In the tropics all remains the same with afternoon air mass thunderstorms being the main threat. There is a surge of convection south of Palua and South East of Mindanoa that needs watching but nothing more than unorganized thunderstorm activity should occur with this region.

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