Archive | March 15, 2012

Tropical Cyclone Lua Forecasted Landfall near Port Hedland / 15 MAR 2012

The Tropical Low that brought over 400mm of rainfall in some locations across the top end is now pushing inland bringing heavy rainfall and the continued potential for flooding and severe weather. But today all eyes are now turning towards the Indian Ocean Northwest of Port Hedland where a intensifying Tropical Cyclone Lua is stirring up the oceans in the region. Model Consensus (shown right) is now consolidating in a region just East of Port Hedland. This would spare the city from the dangerous right front quadrant but would spell trouble for the city’s to the East including Wallal which sits directly in the storms path today. Forecasted landfall is expected Saturday afternoon, therefore with still 2 days to go the forecasted track will still likely waver.

Be sure to continue to check in with the BOM for the most recent warnings.