Archive | March 16, 2012

Cyclone Lua Evening Video Update / 16 MAR 2012

The update above is from our partners at 28cyclones on the impending landfall of Cyclone Lua.

16 MAR 2012 Western Pacific Video Update

A possible LPA developing over the weekend in the southern Philippines while a wintery low effects Northern Japan.

Cyclone Lua Video Update / 16 MAR 2012

Cyclone Lua is continues to move South East towards the Western Australia coastline today. Already cyclone warnings and watches have been issued up and down the coastline where people are gearing up for what could be one of the strongest storms of the season.

Expect a Western Pacific Weather Update later today.


Our partners at OZCYCLONECHASERS are on the road and gearing up for an intercept with Lua.  This is there video update and forecast reasoning for there current pursuit track.

Stay safe out there everyone.