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18 MAR 2012 Western Pacific Weather Update / Flooding Possible in the PI

A strong banding of convection is pushing towards the Philippines bringing the potentiol for heavy flooding across the region. The likely hood of a Tropical Depression in the next week is fairly high as the MJO is very strong in the region.

Else where a Low Pressure area is moving across Japan bringing foul weather to the country. No severe weather is expected with this region yet be sure to carry an umbrella when going out over the weekend.



Philippines 3-Day Forecast | March 17, 2012

A rainy scenario is setting up for much of the Philippines in the coming days. Light rains are actually already being reported across parts of Mindanao and Visayas today. This is all due to a surge of moisture accompanied by a weak circulation spotted east of Mindanao. While this system is not forecast to strengthen into a cyclone, the widespread rains are forecast to push into much of the country in the next 2 days.

Mindanao will get much of the rain today and tomorrow. We expect 50 to 80mm of rain especially in the Eastern sections as well as places in the mountains where topography will play a role in the precipitation. Rains should begin to taper off here by Monday. As for Visayas, rains will basically continue for the next 2 days. There could be as much as 100mm of rain from this system so please be wary of flashfloods and landslides. Luzon, on the other hand, will have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies for the next 2 days. Rain is forecast to move in by Monday night and will continue throughout Tuesday. Clearer weather should dominate by the middle of next week, until then, it’s gonna be a rainy few days for much of the country.

Forecast Graphic, NOT OFFICIAL!

We’ll have another update on Tuesday, March 20. Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT

Cyclone Lua Landfall Update / 17 MAR 2012

Cyclone Lua is making landfall along near Pardoo Station this afternoon. The current forecast expected winds near 270km an hour to effect the region near the center of circulation while away from the center in Port Hedland winds of 150km an hour can be felt.  Regardless anyone whom is currently under a gale warning can expect destructive winds and severe weather as this dangerous system moves onshore.