28-29 MAR Tropical Depression & Western Pacific Weather Update


A new tropical depression is spinning near the Spartly Islands bringing heavy rains to the region with the threat of flooding across

much of Borneo, Philippines, Malaysia and eventually in to Vietnam as we go in to later this week. Over 100mm has been reported in some areas displaying the potential of the heavy weather. (Click here to see the most recent significant totals)

Also check out Francis Update earlier today, for a more in-depth look at Malaysia and the warnings occurring there.

Meanwhile the westerlies stay dry for the most part with the exception of a cruising low moving away from Japan that brought some thunderstorm activity to the country today. A new developing stormsystem will be moving out of Central China. This will eventual push towards the eastern coast by the end of the week.

Below is the latest Details from JMA on the TD

Issued at 10:10 UTC, 28 March 2012

<Analyses at 28/09 UTC>
Center position N9°20′(9.3°)
Direction and speed of movement W Slowly
Central pressure 1008hPa
Maximum wind speed near the center 15m/s(30kt)
Maximum wind gust speed 23m/s(45kt)
<Forecast for 29/09 UTC>
Center position of probability circle N9°20′(9.3°)
Direction and speed of movement Almost stationary
Central pressure 1004hPa
Maximum wind speed near the center 18m/s(35kt)
Maximum wind gust speed 25m/s(50kt)
Radius of probability circle 220km(120NM)

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