29-30 MAR 2012 Tropical Storm Pakhar Update & Visayas Tornado

Tropical Storm Pakhar continues to stir up the South China sea today. Already reports of flooding across Borneo and the Philippines

have been reported and even a Tornado confirmed in Visayas as inflow to the

Image produced by WX Caster Pat

storm swept across the area today. The following blurb is from a news agency in the area. (In Bacolod City noontime today: 5 cars were destroyed, couple of trees lining up along the streets laid to waste, business establishments damaged, near the Universtity of St. La Salle, 

Image of the Tornado in Bacolod City

23 injured, 1 was a baby girl. Tornado lasted for 10-mins..) These storms are expected to continue to occur in to Friday becoming severe at times as the instability of the area persist with Bakhar lingering over the Spartly Islands.

As the storm pushes West ever so slowly expect an increase in Rainfall over vietnam where flash floods and landslides will become a serious concern.  The image at the bottom is from Vietnam Meteorological

Agency and there current forecast for the storm.For more in depth discussion on this event also visit WestPacMETDiscussion on Facebook. Various updates and on the ground reports are continually fed in to this page.

Damage from the Visayas Tornado

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