Tropical Storm / Typhoon Pakhar Video Update 30-31 MAR 2012

Video by Meteorologist Robert Speta

Pakhar is continuing to strengthen today due to a combination of ripe conditions for development in the South China Sea. The video above is our Tropical Update for today on this storm and its approach

on the South Eastern Vietnam Coast. The storm is forecasted to strengthen but regardless of how strong the winds get at the center of Pakhar the rainfall will be

one of the main threats. The image to the left shows

the current rainfall per hour and up to 50mm in some locations, granted most of this is over water at this time it will be moving over land as we go in to the coming days. For an in-depth read on Pakrah please visit Pat’sAdonis update posted today.

Below is a video Taken on the 29th of  a Tornado ripping through Bacolod City, Negros in Visayas. 

The above video proves to us that Tornadoes do occur in the Philippines, even on a day to day basis the local storms can blow up strong enough conditions to produce Funnel Clouds, the picture to the below is a picture I took in Manila Bay during a regular afternoon. If you look closely a waterspout is visible just offshore.

Latest Warning from JTWC

3 Responses to “Tropical Storm / Typhoon Pakhar Video Update 30-31 MAR 2012”

  1. Weatherguy Adonis Reply March 31, 2012 at 1:30 am

    “this is sooper-kewl, Rob! thanks for this one!” ;D

  2. You have an excellent web weather news page. I live in S.E. Vietnam. directly in the path of Pakhar. What is the current status of Pakhar and is there still a threat from it or any other storm? It is Sunday Aprtil 1st and 8:18 a.m. local time. Just seeing heavy rain and moderate wind at this time in Phan Thiet, a coastal city of 300,000 people.

    • Thank you for your on the ground report, Pakhar still has the threat especially for you there in Phan Theit, just be sure to secure anything out doors that could blow away this afternoon. In the last several hours I have seen some re-intensification of the storm due to warm off shore sea surface temperatures. So at this time I would play it safe and stay indoors as well. Thanks again for your post and please keep us informed on the weather there.

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