31-01 March / April Western Pacific Weekend Weather Update

With Tropical Storm Pakhar moving towards the Vietnam coast today we have shied away from the weather across much of the Westerlies.  Great news is for the rest of the weekend most of China in to Japan will be under high pressure following a deep westerly low that brought gusty winds across Japan today.  The observation below was taken Saturday afternoon in at Tokyo International Airport as storms blew through the area.

RJAA 310618Z 20024G38KT 4000 SHRA BR SCT020 BKN030

The areas bolded display the winds sustained at 24G38kts, I personally experienced this gust front today breaking my umbrella in the process. Meanwhile heavy rains were reported in Japan with reports of over 52mm in northern Honshu. Meanwhile Korea seen heavy rains with 72mm reported in Busan. Good news is that with the high pressure setting in Sunday in to Monday Japan will see fair and seasonable weather.

The next westerly low will begin to form out of Eastern China on Monday developing quickly before moving on towards Korea and Japan. The image below shows this low by Tuesday morning as it charges across Korea. So be sure to have your umbrella ready by mid-week.

Click the image to see the GFS model outlook.

With this next low moving off to the East by mid-week China will be seeing fair weather with the next high moving in behind it. Including Hong Kong, yet by the end of the week tropical moisture will push North with the remnants of Pakhar drifting North.

Click here for Hong Kong’s Forecast

For more information on Pakhar please check out the various in-depth updates throughout the weekend as the storm approaches the coast.

Adonis Update  on Pakhar

Pats Update on Pakhar

Francis Update on Floods in Malaysia

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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