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Flooding in Central Malaysia 31 March 2012

The central region of Malaysia was hit by 2 flash flood in the duration of 3 days total up 3 flash flood in 2 weeks time. The area affected was the city of Klang located in the Klang Valley close to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

The first flash flood hit the Southern Part of the city on 27 of March 2012 and yesterday, flash flood once again hitting the area covering up almost 60% of the city causing 100 thousand citizens in the area affected. The first flash flood hit soon after the 2 hour heavy downpour. It is reported that two of the main sluice allowing river water to flow to the sea was malfunctioning therefore resulting the start of the flash flood on the 27th of March.

Not even 72 hours after the first wave of flood hits, heavy rainfall starts again. This time the rain lasted for 6 hours beginning 1am in the morning local time and ends at 7am in the morning local time. The accumulated rainfall raises from 42mm to 90mm in the duration of 6 hours causing rivers and drain to be filled up with rain water thus resulting flash flood. The area affected in the second wave of flash flood includes a satellite city and industrial area causing millions of losses as the area of Klang city is a very highly populated metropolitan city. Below I attached some of the photo in the flood affected area. These photo are courtesy of a local Malaysian chinese newspaper (Guang Ming Daily).

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