Tropical Storm Pakhar 01 APR Evening Video Update

Tropical storm Pakhar is now bringing extensive rains to South Eastern Vietnam. Tropical storm force wind gust have also been reported in Ho Chi Minh City  (image right) during the evening hours.  The following comments were posted out of the city and neighboring locations earlier today.

1) Ho Chi Minh City apartment on 26th floor. No power, lifts are not working because too windy in the shaft, windows are leaking and starting to pop out. Down below the street is flooded and blocked by cars and bikes. Motorbikes with people on are being blown over. Crazy weather. very scary.

2) I’m sitting in it right now in HCMC as of 6:50pm. No power, pretty solid rain and a bit of wind with some big gusts. A friend said it blew an open window off the 33rd floor of his apartment building. I’m sure a lot of the city is flooded as usual when it rains but I’m not going out anyway.

3) Am in Vung Tau now at 8.10pm and I feel that it is all over here except for the rain, it is only light rain now but every now and then get a heavy to moderate shower, the wind has just about completely stopped, The wind was not as bad as I thought it would be no where near as bad as the Typhoon in 2006. Anyway I feel that tomorrow we may get some more light to moderate rain but that wont be a problem,,

Thank you for the reports everyone, it is a vital and useful aspect of this site and for anyone in the area please keep the information coming. The video update above is a synopsis of the storm and where it will go next. To read in depth text updates please click the following links.

Adonis Update and in depth analysis

Pats Pakhar landfall analysis on Facebook

WestPacMET Discussion Group

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