Tropical Storm Pakhar Landfall Update | April 1, 2012

Tropical Storm Pakhar is now moving inland, east of Ho Chi Minh. It made landfal a little more than an hour ago. It is now located approximately 70km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City and is moving west northwestward at 10kph. Maximum sustained winds remain at 75kph gusting to 100kph.


The microwave image above, taken by the SSMI Satellite, perfectly shows the core of Pakhar making landfall along the southeastern coast of Vietnam. For a 40-kt typhoon, the microwave representation above is actually very impressive, especially the eyewall structure. If you’ve watched Rob’s video update earlier, he talked about the possibility of slight intensification just before making landfall and it looks like that’s what we’re seeing with Pakhar.

Ho Chi Minh Airport has been reporting light to moderate rain for the past 4 hours now. Furthermore, a recent report states that wind gusts of up to 55kph are already being felt around the city. Elsewhere in Southern Vietnam, rain reports are already ranging from 50 to 100mm.

VIS Image from NRLMRY

Rain will continue for another 12 to 24 hours for Southern Vietnam and Cambodia. The visible satellite image above shows the coverage of Pakhar and the extent of its rainbands. It is forecast to continue moving west northwestward, making its closest pass of Ho Chi Minh in 1 to 2 hours. It will then start turning more to the northwest, crossing into Cambodia by dawn. TS Pakhar is forecast to pass within 200km east of Phnom Penh. It will then rapidly weaken to a Tropical Depression by Monday morning and total dissipation is expected later Monday afternoon.

There could be as much as 250mm of rain by tomorrow, especially in mountainous areas. As we have said yesterday, radar coverage in this part of Vietnam is very poor so we are only relying on airport observations and ground reports. If you happen to be within the path of Pakhar, we appreciate any report we get, although we discourage taking pics or videos for your safety. We’ll have round the clock updates by numerous contributors in this site. Stay safe everyone!

-WxCaster PAT

7 Responses to “Tropical Storm Pakhar Landfall Update | April 1, 2012”

  1. I am staying at Vung Tau, Vietnam. We have possibly the worst of the storm brewing over us. Strong gusty winds with heavy rain. Not as bad as we feared it to be. 04/01 17:55

  2. I’m sitting in it right now in HCMC as of 6:50pm. No power, pretty solid rain and a bit of wind with some big gusts. A friend said it blew an open window off the 33rd floor of his apartment building. I’m sure a lot of the city is flooded as usual when it rains but I’m not going out anyway.

    Hope the power comes on again…

  3. Sat in out Ho Chi Minh City apartment on 26th floor. No power, lifts are not working because too windy in the shaft, windows are leaking and starting to pop out. Down below the street is flooded and blocked by cars and bikes. Motorbikes with people on are being blown over. Crazy weather. very scary.

  4. Am in Vung Tau now at 8.10pm and I feel that it is all over here except for the rain, it is only light rain now but every now and then get a heavy to moderate shower, the wind has just about completely stopped, The wind was not as bad as I thought it would be no where near as bad as the Typhoon in 2006. Anyway I feel that tomorrow we may get some more light to moderate rain but that wont be a problem,, Pretty good now and hopefully all over,,, Great place down here by the sea

  5. Thank you for the reports everyone, please continue to stay safe and indoors through the night tonight. That is scary to hear about people being blown off there bikes, I hope no serious injures or worst come out of this.

  6. In Q3 TPHCM. Really not that bad through night. Lights on most of the time, An occasional honda makes it down the alley, h2o up half way to axles, so not too deep to run through, just really wet. An occasional brave pedestrian. Gusty winds out on street. Worried most about that river of what seems to be sewage nearby overflowing, but karaoke still going in house next door at about 1AM, so mustn’t be a terror to the regulars…

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