Tropical Storm Pakhar Prior to Landfall Video Update 01 April 2012

Video by Meteorologist Robert Speta

Tropical Storm Pakhar is nearing landfall North East of Ho Chin Minh City today.  Little to no re-intensification occurred on Saturday but as the storm neared the coast it did get a burst of energy due to warm coastal sea surface temperatures. Morning Microwave imagery indicated a renewing of an eye wall like structure just prior to landfall. This could spell very strong winds for the communities from Vung Tau to Mui Ca Na.

The rainfall will be the main threat though as flash flood risk remains high in coastal areas with landslides a potential problem farther inland as saturated grounds become loose and unstable. Hill sides with little to no vegetation are especially at risk.

In Thailand heavy rainfall is also likely to occur as outflow from Pakhar is enhanced by the warm sea surface temperatures of the Gulf of Thailand. Therefore even well to the west of the center of circulation you will need to closely watch this storm and effects in your locality.

Please if you are being effected by this storm your on the ground reports, photos and videos are always welcomed.

5 Responses to “Tropical Storm Pakhar Prior to Landfall Video Update 01 April 2012”

  1. Go Vap District north side of Tan Son Nhat airport Ho Chi Minh City. Light steady rain from after midnight local time April 1, reducing to steady light drizzle morning to present time early afternoon.

  2. Weatherguy Adonis Reply April 1, 2012 at 7:40 am

    “wow! it has already made landfall (compact Eye) between 0620Z-0632Z Vis Sat loop over the Southeastern coast of Viet Nam.” ;D

  3. 6 pm local April 1 Ho Chi Minh City. Heavy rain with strong gusting winds across city. Rain run off and accumulation causing some localised street flooding.

    • Weatherguy Adonis Reply April 1, 2012 at 3:55 pm

      “affirmative, Roger. Vung Tau City was the first location struck by strong winds and torrential rains.

      hope you guys remain safe out there! the Mekong River network esp Dong Nai river basin are within capacity at the moment coz it’s Summer still.

      considering that 02W runs over land, moisture laden clouds could trigger potential downpours that lead to landslides along higher elevations and flooding in lowly areas.

      we’ll see about it tomorrow as info comes in. thanks!” ;D

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