Intense Spring Storm Bears Down on Japan

A strong and deep Westerly Storm forming out of Eastern China is set to cruise in to Japan on Tuesday bringing Typhoon like winds at times. Typhoon like winds are only one of the aspects of this system as the central pressure is forecasted by the Japan MeteorologicalCAPPI 1.5km Rain rate : 2012/04/02 21:20 (KST) Service to get down as low as 996hpa by 00Z on the 4th. Gale force winds could extend out as far as 900nm from the center of  circulation at the height of this intense spring storm.

Already Korea is seeing heavy rains (radar image right. The areas shown in red on the radar though indicate up to 50mm an hour. That’s nearly half of the monthly average in Fukuoka where this storm will likely strike first in Japan.

Going in to Tuesday afternoon though this system will work its way North bringing high winds and gusty winds to Tokyo, so be sure to have an umbrella on tap as the foul weather begins to set in by the afternoon rush hour.

Good news is that most of Eastern Asia from China to Japan will see improved conditions by Wednesday afternoon as high pressure sets back in suppressing any stormy activity in the region.

The image below shows the 964hpa low at the height of its development. A video update will be posted by 15Z.

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