Pakhar Initial Damage and Videos

Reports coming in out of the South Eastern Coast of Vietnam indicate heavy road flooding in many areas with power out across sub-city areas to the East of Ho Chi Minh City but for the most part South East Vietnam has faired well considering the amount of rainfall that has fallen. The following comment was posted earlier today from WKshlei and gives a good description of the situation in his area.

The storm will pass mostly well north of the Mekong watershed — the northern quadrants are north of HCMC — but will significantly affect the Dong Nai river basin. I am in HCMC (Thao DIen, District 2) and have seen intense rain from 17:00-20:30, but it has slowed considerably in the last hour (it’s now 21:30). Briefly saw a rain warning for the coast and mountain areas E to NE of HCMC on Vietnamese TV tonight, but no interruption of programming — no one seems very concerned.
The Dong Nai has a big dam and reservoir (Tri An) but VN Meteo ( reports relatively low water, as would be expected at this time in the dry season (November – May/June), but there is only one (published) hydrometric station on the Dong Nai, and local flooding in and around HCMC could be significant — it is regularly in the wet season or at high tide when there are heavy rains

Meanwhile heavy showers sparked by Pakhar over Thailand brought flooding rains there with over 200 houses reported damaged due togusty winds and heavy rains in coastal communities south of Bangkok. If anyone has more information on this event out of Thailand we would be very humbled for you to share your information.

Pakhar’s Forecast at this time is to take it across the Cambodia border and then North bringing up to 150mm of rainfall in some locations along the way. Good news is it will continue to weaken and dissipate during its track north. The image to the right was produced by Weather Caster Pat showing the storms next motion to the North. Also you can see the flooding rains over the Gulf of Thailand.

If anyone has any photos or videos out of any of these effected areas as always you are welcomed to share.

Tornado in Visayas by Pakhar at its initial stages.


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