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Footage From Japans Worst Spring Storm in Years

The “Intense Spring Storm” that blew through Japan Tuesday was one for the Record Books. Rainfall totals mounted above monthly averages in many locations and wind gust were topping 100kph across the entire country with a few stations reporting there strongest winds ever recorded. That is including Typhoons that have struck Japan. This deadly storm that killed three and injured over 300 central pressure was that equivalent to a CAT 3 Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Scale, that gives one the idea of how intense and powerful this transition season weather maker was for the country of Japan today. Damage to property occurred with over 200 homes over 23 prefectures reporting damage. Power losses have also been reported while travel delays occurred across much of the country with over 700 domestic flights cancelled. The footage on this page was gathered across the Net and many thanks goes out to those whom shot it. If you have any footage from this severe storm please feel free to share.

BREAKING: Intense “Spring Storm” Hits Japan Kills 2, Injured 300 Others

By: Weatherguy Adonis

Adonis S. Manzan

Powerful Storm Approaching Japan, Alerts Up

Iloilo City, Philippines, 03 April 2012, (1000Z)–Springtime couldn’t be more beautiful with plum blossoms across Japan and nice weather.  On Tuesday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) advised the residents along the Western side of the Sea of Japan, and several Prefectures under an intermediate warning for “Typhoon-like” conditions, associated with damaging winds, reaching 150 km/hr (81 kt), possible Tornadic activity and intense rainfall across the country.

The developing “Low,” emanated from East China, now surging Eastwards.  The agency is warning the coastal communities along the Sea of Japan of high seas, gale-force winds and treacherous road conditions.

Warnings are in effect along Amami, Chugoku, Kyushu (North), Kyushu (South),  Hokuriku, Kanto Koshin, Tohoku, Tokai, Kinki, Shikoku,  Ogasawara Prefectures.

Advisory is in effect across Okinawa Miyazaki, Tokushima, Okayama, Hiroshima, Nara, Shiga, Gifu, Nagano, Gumma, Saitama , Rest of Northern Hokkaido at 1912-JST (1012Z), JMA.

Below are demographic analysis about the storm I gathered from NOAA, JMA and NRL Mry:

Fig. 1.0 "National demographic of what's been happening via Radar across Japan since a severe weather pummels along its coast off Sea of Japan. Image Courtesy: JMA, 1930-JST (1030Z), 03 April 2012."

Fig. 2.0 "A close look at what has been happening across the zoomed location of Kanto Region, wherein the colors indicated the intensity of rainfall and persistent thunderstorms that could generate the potential for Tornadoes. Image Courtesy: JMA, 1930-JST (1030Z), 03 April 2012."

Fig. 3.0 "Intense thunderstorm activity was picked up in the Radar screen along Kanto Region, nearest to Southwest of Metropolitan Tokyo and its South ans Southeastern flank. Image Courtesy: JMA, 1930-JST (1030Z), 03 April 2012."

Fig. 4.0 "Severe thunderstorms scatter along a wide area of Tokai Region. JMA has warned of possible Tornadoes occurring in such places, and public were being advised to take shelter or evacuate to designated evacuation centers. Image Courtesy: JMA 1930-JST (1030Z), 03 April 2012."

Fig. 5.0 "Composite 500 mb overlay heights analysis indicate a passing Ridge of High Pressure along the line of the Korean Peninsula pushing the system off the Sea of Japan. Image Credit: NRL Mry."

Fig. 6.0 "Jet Stream as demonstrated by the flowing blue, green and yellow arrows evidenced a pushing Southeastward and generally Eastward motion heading along the Southern edge of Okinawa. Image Credit: NRL Mry."

Fig. 7.0 "This imagery clearly depicts the sea level pressure, more significant to see are the Isobaric pressure wrapping around a cold-core system off the Sea of Japan. The intensity of such Low are the most unusual for the Sea of Japan since records began during the olden times. Image Credit: NRL Mry."

A video taken from a youtube user, TAKAMY96 in Kyoto, Japan:

Huge Spring Storm Approaches Kyoto, Japan

Flooding could also become a serious issue for the affected regions across the edge of the Sea of Japan.  Forecasters warned of high surf conditions along the coastlines, already, several transportation sector has been affected by the intensity of the winds and pelting rains across several prefectures.

The Japan Railways Company,  (JR) and the Shinkansen route to the Northernmost destination has been cancelled in several locations across the Tohoku Region.  Strong winds and increasingly dangerous road conditions add to the complexity of life even for the day.  So many disruptions have been reported and NHK World has been reporting the deaths of two citizens and close to 300 injured as a result of the approaching storm.

Also, my colleague, Meteorologist Robert Speta of NHK World and Founder of this site, has relayed to me at around 1930PM-JST (1030Z), the winds are strong across the street, just outside the NHK Headquarters in Tokyo.  Trees have been swaying quite violently and the windows according to Speta rattled, proving the ferocity of this weather system as it generates cyclonic conditions in almost all regions of Japan.

To me, this has yet to be a riveting experience having been informed first hand the immense power of nature as it blows its way through the night and due to reach Northernmost Island of Hokkaido later well into Wednesday morning, 04 April 2012.

Storm was considered an “Extreme” one, since no other storms of this magnitude has been observed along the Sea of Japan for the longest time since records began, authorities says.

More details coming right up.  Keep it here, for the very latest on Tropical Updates from the Region and the rest of the world!

This has been your Weatherguy hailing from the Philippines, Mabuhay! =)

With data from JMA, NOAA, NASA, NRL Mry and

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Two Deaths and Nearly 300 Injuries as a Strong Spring Storm sweeps across Japan

A deep low pressure system continues to pound Japan on Tuesday bringing typhoon equivalent winds and flooding rains. Two deaths has been reported due to these extreme conditions with nearly 300 injuries confirmed across Japan due to strong winds and rain. In the kinki region nearly 40mm an hour of rainfall has been reported and in parts of Kyushu up to 160kph wind gust were recorded as the storm pushed trough the region.  Meanwhile Tornado Level 2 was being displayed on Radar across central Honshu. A event that occurs on a rarity in the region and typically when it does occur it is with a Typhoon. I do want to note if a Tornado were to form though it could be rain shrouded and fast moving. Already watching footage of the storms it is quite apparent of a really strong updraft in some areas. (A pre-cursor to tornadic activity).

As this strong spring storm moves through Tokyo train delays and traffic snarls will be a severe issue.  Over 240 flights have been cancelled with delays widespread to train service. The Japan Meteorological Agency has already issued statements requested people to stay home and not to venture out for any un-needed travel.

Good news is overnight Tuesday this storm will work its way off the coast ushering in fair and clear weather across Korea and the Japanese Isles.

For a complete coverage of this event in English please click here and watch the streaming video in the top right.

2003’s Typhoon Parma and its Dramatic Loop in the Western Pacific

Here is a look back peace to 2003 made by video Creator Chun Fu Wu. (Click here to see his Youtube channel)Take a look at Typhoon

Parma go Extra-tropical head south then regain its intensity back to typhoon status. Its an unusual event and one that deserves a second look.