Footage From Japans Worst Spring Storm in Years

The “Intense Spring Storm” that blew through Japan Tuesday was one for the Record Books. Rainfall totals mounted above monthly averages in many locations and wind gust were topping 100kph across the entire country with a few stations reporting there strongest winds ever recorded. That is including Typhoons that have struck Japan. This deadly storm that killed three and injured over 300 central pressure was that equivalent to a CAT 3 Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Scale, that gives one the idea of how intense and powerful this transition season weather maker was for the country of Japan today. Damage to property occurred with over 200 homes over 23 prefectures reporting damage. Power losses have also been reported while travel delays occurred across much of the country with over 700 domestic flights cancelled. The footage on this page was gathered across the Net and many thanks goes out to those whom shot it. If you have any footage from this severe storm please feel free to share.

2 Responses to “Footage From Japans Worst Spring Storm in Years”

  1. Reporters are the same the world over. They love to demonstrate a storms power by being the object the storm tosses around on video. Pretty funny stuff.

  2. It gets the ratings, people love to see the weather man battered with wind and debris.

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