Two Deaths and Nearly 300 Injuries as a Strong Spring Storm sweeps across Japan

A deep low pressure system continues to pound Japan on Tuesday bringing typhoon equivalent winds and flooding rains. Two deaths has been reported due to these extreme conditions with nearly 300 injuries confirmed across Japan due to strong winds and rain. In the kinki region nearly 40mm an hour of rainfall has been reported and in parts of Kyushu up to 160kph wind gust were recorded as the storm pushed trough the region.  Meanwhile Tornado Level 2 was being displayed on Radar across central Honshu. A event that occurs on a rarity in the region and typically when it does occur it is with a Typhoon. I do want to note if a Tornado were to form though it could be rain shrouded and fast moving. Already watching footage of the storms it is quite apparent of a really strong updraft in some areas. (A pre-cursor to tornadic activity).

As this strong spring storm moves through Tokyo train delays and traffic snarls will be a severe issue.  Over 240 flights have been cancelled with delays widespread to train service. The Japan Meteorological Agency has already issued statements requested people to stay home and not to venture out for any un-needed travel.

Good news is overnight Tuesday this storm will work its way off the coast ushering in fair and clear weather across Korea and the Japanese Isles.

For a complete coverage of this event in English please click here and watch the streaming video in the top right.

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