Archive | April 5, 2012

South East Asia Receives Heavy Rains as Pakhar Lingers over the area, 05-06 APR 2012 Western Pacific Weather Update

The remnants of Tropical Storm Pakhar has sparked heavy rain showers over South East asia today where a over 130mm of rainfall have fallen in some locations. This is well above the normal for this time of year. During the coming days expect afternoon storms to be enhanced in the area becoming severe at times. Meanwhile the monsoonal trough that combined with Pakhar is also bringing heavy rains to much of the equatorial regions including Fiji where devastating and deadly floods continue to effect the island.

Lastly we take a look at the rest of the west pac where the Philippines is receiving sunny weather just in time for your holiday weekend. In Japan high pressure is bringing fairer weather with the exemption of some snowfall in the North, this will last through the weekend with the Sakura blossoms at the full bloom. Going in to Mid-week though another Spring storm will kick up bringing another shot of potentially severe weather.