Philippines 3-Day Forecast | April 7, 2012

Weather is generally clear for most of the Philippines today and as we head into Easter Sunday, forecasts are looking good for most areas. Together with the abundant sunshine, temperatures rise into the mid and upper 30s in the midday. Some places have reported a high of 33 to 35C. Combine those numbers with high humidity, especially in urban centers like Manila, and you’ll get a heat index of nearly 38C (100F) so please be careful when heading out and staying out for prolonged periods!

3-Day Forecast Graphic (NOT OFFICIAL!)

The only regions to really watch would be Northern and Eastern Luzon which continue to deal with scattered thunderstorms enhanced by a stationary front. Places like Baguio and nearby areas will experience showers for the next 2 days. Fortunately, we are not expecting significant rainfall amounts this time. However, continuous rains in the mountainous regions can still bring the threat of small landslides.

The 3-Day forecast also shows some rain returning to Visayas and Mindanao this Monday. Computer models are showing a small cluster of thunderstorms (currently across Western Micronesia) to move west and affect Visayas and Mindanao. The forecast isn’t really painting a very wet scenario and we expect showers to be sporadic and far in between (that’s why there’s only a 50% for Cebu and Davao). Still, these rains can bring anywhere between 30 to 50mm of rain for Monday and Tuesday and possibly be a nuisance for people heading back to the cities from their long vacations.

I’ll have another 3-day forecast on Tuesday, April 10. Stay safe and have a wonderful Easter!

-WxCaster PAT


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