Philippines 3-Day Forecast | April 10, 2012

A change in the weather is in store for much of the Philippines today. As we have forecast 3 days ago, showers are now beginning to affect parts of Mindanao, Visayas, and even Southern Luzon. These showers, embedded along the ITCZ, is forecast to continue for another 2 days before starting to die. Already, as much as 100mm of rain has been reported in Northern Mindanao. Along these showers, some places could receive another 100mm within the next 36 hours.

IR Image from NOAA

As of right now, the heaviest of showers are affecting Northern Mindanao and Eastern Visayas. Places like Dipolog and Hinatuan have reported rainfall amounts of 80mm and 100mm, respectively. As I said above, there could as much as 100mm of rain tonight into tomorrow. The hotspot areas would be Northern Mindanao, Samar and Leyte in Eastern Visayas, and the Bicol Region in Luzon.

3-Day Forecast Graphic

Northern and Central Luzon will have quieter weather with low chances for afternoon thunderstorms. Central Visayas will cloudy skies with medium chances of rain. Most of the showers have been confined across Eastern Visayas but we are still expecting some of those showers to start working their way west into Central and Western Visayas. Southern Mindanao will also have lesser chances compared to the north. Still, places like Davao and General Santos City could still expect on and off showers tomorrow and into Thursday.

These rains will continue until Thursday and we expect relatively drier weather for Friday. However, another batch of rain could move in from the west and potentially impact the same areas come this weekend. I’ll have another 3-day Forecast on Friday, April 13.

-WxCaster PAT

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