Another Stormy System Races Across Japan / 11 APR 2012

Another shot of stormy weather is expected to run over Japan today as a stenghening low pressure system works its way though the country. Heavy Rainfall warnings are already in place (See Right) as the rainy conditions work there way through western Japan today and eventually in to the North East by evening. Up to 60mm an hour can be expected in some locations in Kyushu as the heavier bands push over the island.

Even the threat of severe weather is not going to be ruled out as warm air out of the tropics surges north colliding with cooler continental air. Thunderstorms with strong winds and even a weak tornado can not be ruled out as this storm blows through.  The radar image below shows where the heaviest rainfall is with the areas in red displaying the most intense weather. Good news is compared to last weeks record breaking storm that left many travelers stranded and even caused several deaths this storm is smaller. But still a potent spring storm and one drivers will want to slow down for and commuters will need to keep an umbrella handy.

Good news is as the storm moves to the North East fair and relatively warm weather will move in behind it with temperatures soaring to the warmest so far this year for most of Eastern Japan. Even Okinawa will be seeing clearing skies for a short duration of time before a weak frontal system begins to set up by the end of the week.

Stay tuned through the day for more updates on this storm as it progresses.

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