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Philippines 3-Day Forecast | April 13, 2012

Clear weather and hot temperatures are prevailing across much of the Philippines today, and will continue to do so in the coming days. Still, we can’t avoid isolated thunderstorms to pop up every now and then, especially in the afternoon hours. But in terms of large scale and significant weather event, there isn’t anything in the forecast.

Forecast Graphic (NOT OFFICIAL)

As the skies remain mostly clear, expect temperatures to shoot up into the mid and upper 30s in many places in the Philippines. In Manila alone, a temperature of 35.3C was recorded in Thursday–the hottest so far this year. Other places such Cabanatuan,  Tuguegarao, and Dagupan are recording 35-36 degree temperatures. In urban areas like Manila, those hot temps combined with the high humidity can make it feel like in the upper 30s to even 40C on the skin so please do be careful when heading out.

As mentioned above, the potential for isolated thunderstorms still exist, particularly in the latter part of the day. Some of these storms can bring heavy rainfall in short durations. In some cases, some of these cells can be accompanied by strong gusts of winds and even spawn a tornado. Last Tuesday, a small tornado tore through a town in Cotabato and killed a 12-year old girl. Unfortunately, we really can’t pinpoint where and when these thunderstorms would form. However, always be vigilant and acknowledge the possibility of these thunderstorms and rain showers forming at any place.

For more weather across Asia, please see Rob’s Video Update. My next 3-day forecast will be on Monday, April 16.

-WxCaster PAT

April Friday 13th Western Pacific Weather Video Update

The weather in North Korea held out today allowing for a rocket launch to occur Friday morning, although the fair weather did not save it from the trickiness of space travel as initial reports indicate an explosion shortly after take off.  To the south of North Korea a Low pressure area is bringing some foul weather to the Western Portions of Japan after bringing heavy rain showers, thunderstorms and hail to south eastern china earlier this week. Some flooding could occur here as the ground is already saturated due to the heavy rain showers from Wednesdays storm.  Behind the low cool temperatures will spill in out Siberia so make sure to have a sweater handy through out the weekend in Korea in Japan.

The tropics are warm though as temperatures sore in to the 30s, this is accompanied by a clockwork of afternoon to evening rain showers becoming heavy at times. Good news nothing organized looks to be developing in the near future.

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