WesternPacificWeather.com announces the Forum

With Typhoon Season Fast Approaching we here at Westernpacificweather.com have opened up the forum for use, westernpacifcforecast.com is where you can find it. People are pouring in and would like to ask everyone if they have a moment to take time to register to this unique and new aspect of our growing website.

As always if you have any suggestions or comments please let us know and look forward to hearing your voice!

2 Responses to “WesternPacificWeather.com announces the Forum”

  1. Tried to register for the new forum but the “graphic” field just shows blank so there is no possibility to enter a “confirmation code” which simply isn’t there. Hope it’s fixed!

  2. Time, thanks for the info, I’m still new at this and if something isn’t working I’ll try to look in to fixing it, try again in 24hrs after I poke around a bit and let me know if your still having problems.

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