Philippines 3-Day Forecast | April 16, 2012

A tale of two weather conditions as Luzon is currently basking in clear weather and warm temperatures while some parts of Visayas and Mindanao are currently experiencing moderate rains. A quick update just north of the Philippines: a stationary front is bringing rain showers across Taiwan, Yaeyama Islands (Japan), SE China, and Hong Kong.

IR Image from NOAA

A nasty thunderstorms has actually formed just west of Hong Kong and moved southeastward, across the area and is currently dumping heavy rain along with thunder and strong winds. HKO has released a warning for strong winds reaching 130kph! Based on satellite and radar, thunderstorms in and around Hong Kong could last into the evening hours.

Forecast Graphic (NOT OFFICIAL!)

Meanwhile, moderate to heavy rains have dumped 100 to 150mm of rain across Mindanao today. Hinatuan in the eastern section recorded nearly 150mm and Cotabato in the central section of the island have, so far, recorded 50mm. Rains are also making their way into Visayas, with rains being reported in Panay and Negros Islands. Lighter amounts expected for Visayas unlike in Mindanao.

Heavy rains also affecting Western Mindanao, particularly around the Zamboanga Peninsula. Palawan also being affected by moderate rains as of the moment. All in all, these places could very well receive 100 to even 200mm of rain in the next two days. Rains should begin to die down late Wednesday but then another round of showers is forecast to affect the region later this week.

As mentioned above, much of Luzon is enjoying (or suffering depending on how you look at it) from clear weather and hot temperatures. In the afternoon hours, it is not uncommon for the temps to shoot up into 35 or 36C, especially in Manila. Cabanatuan even recorded 37C yesterday! Furthermore, the heat index is also right around the upper30s (even40C in some spots). Not much relief here in terms of rain forecast. Computer models not even giving 50mm in the next 3 days. There are slight chances for rain on Wednesday, however, especially around Northern Luzon but don’t expect too much here. If anything, majority of Luzon will remain dry and hot in the coming days.

We’ll have another update on Thursday, April 19.

-WxCaster PAT

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  1. Thanks for pointing out Hong Kong they have been getting battered today.

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