WestPac Wx SE Asia Updates 16 April 2012




It has been a while since my last post here in the westernpacificweather (I didn’t even realize that it has already 1/2 a month since my last post.) The site has been kept busy with additional new author contributing to interesting and useful post for the public and I do hope that our visitor enjoy reading each and every weather news in the Western Pacific brought to you by the WestPac Wx Casters.

Back to the topic, the previous week for the South East Asia has been busy starting off with a magnitude 8.6 Richter Scale quakes in the Northern Sumatra sea that wreak havoc for the possible of a devastating Tsunami. It was exactly the same day where in Malaysia, we have our new King installed after the previous King completed His terms of 5 years. The new King was from the state of Kedah (My home state ruler to be precise). On that particular day, news received from my beloved sister telling me that she was actually shaking at home with my own personal computer monitor “dancing” front and back while she was having her movie. News about the quake where then spread quickly to the public by our affliate writer Weatherguy Adonis and our own NHK Caster and Meteorologist Robert Speta on this particular forum.

The next few days after the quake was never been quiet, low pressure started to surround the South East Asia region and Malaysia in particular has been receiving precipitation above average for the past few days. A record of 140mm of heavy rainfall has been recorded back in my home state (Kedah) and rainfall of 100mm to 150mm has been recorded in Perlis too. In the central region of Malaysia, flash flood has been reported in low lying area affecting villages. Water level in several river in Northern states of Malaysia is now above the warning stage posing flooding treat to areas within the river bank. At press, there has been an area where water level goes beyond danger level but yet, there hasn’t been a report of flooding from the authority. Rainfall has just started yet again at the current moment when I am completing this post.

The  radar imaginary from the Malaysia Meterological Department shows that some heavy rain clouds currently covering the upper air of Peninsula Malaysia and also the Borneo Island with several area in the coast of Brunei and Brunei mainland experiencing heavy rainfall. The weather agency in Malaysia has released heavy rain warning and scattered thunderstorm to persist for the coming few days in all the area across Malaysia. This will definitely meaning the potential and high possibility of flooding in some low lying area with such continuous heavy rainfall in the region.

Alongside with this update i attached together the NWP from Brunei weather agency. It is clearly visible that some heavy rainfall is going on in the region. The 2nd frame clearly illustrate that heavy rainfall is happening in the entire states with rainfall ranging from 20mm to 100mm per hour.

Meanwhile over the Singapore, weather seems clear except with some cloudy sky all over the state. The Singapore weather agency forecast an afternoon showers and thunderstorm in most of the area in the states for the coming 3 days.

A look at the latest run of the GFS model suggest that weather should improve and fair weather can be expected from next week and onwards.

For updates on other region, please do refer Rob’s and Pat’s post earlier today for the weather in PI, Japan, HK and China. Also, stay tuned for any interesting update by Don, the Weatherguy. And if you are a paid TV subscriber or an Apps user (Apple or Android), please do stay tuned with Rob’s weather update on NHK Newsline.

Finally, we would gladly announce that the very own forum for westernpacificweather.com is now officially launched. Please join us here as part of the westernpacificweather family by signing up in the forum. The link for the forum is www.westernpacificforecast.com

That’s all from me right now. Stay safe and have a good day.

WestPac Wx SE Asia Casters ~Francis~

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