18 April 2012 Western Pacific & Australia Tropical Update

The western pacific and Eastern Asia is booming today with severe weather.

Tokyo saw some rumbles of thunders on Tuesday but good news most of this has cleared out in the overnight hours. Meanwhile though the main topic of discussion is the continued rough weather in and around Hong Kong. Storms have been blowing up here all week and yet another round of wicked weather could occur through friday dropping over 100mm of rainfall in many locations just north of the city.   In just the past 24hrs over 80mm of rainfall was recorded and over the weekend Large hail damaging houses and injuring dozens of people was reported about 100km north of the city. With that said these storms look to continue to linger bringing more severe weather.

Australia is a point of discussion today as Invest 99P spins just north of the Top End, at this time NOGAPS is picking up on a weak development from this area and given conditions it does look like this could be possible. We will have continue updates as this progresses but for a detailed info on this system please check the update from our partner at OZCYCLONECHASERS.com

In my Search of Weather Videos I also found this video from Hong Kong on the 16th.

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