Strong Storm Blows over Japan and Rains hit the Southern PI / 21 April 2012

A deep low pressure system is now cruising across Korea and on to Japan today after bringing nasty weather to South Eastern China this past week. Even a report of a tornado occurred just North of Hong Kong. This same weather system brought 70kt winds and hail to the region. But now as the weather tapers off there it builds in Korea and Japan. Already warnings are in place across southern and western Japan for thunderstorms, heavy rains and flash floods.  So a wet weekend in store and a umbrella will be handy. Also if anyone has any videos taken of the rain and storms you are more than welcomed to share.

The tropics remain loose and disorganized today as rain showers run over the southern Philippines. Some localized flooding is still a risk as a few of the storms could drop up to 20-30mm of rainfall in an hour going in to the afternoon to evening hours here.

Lastly we take a look at our Partners at Credit is not given enough to people that put together original information for next to free most of the time. A vital service in many areas where good english speaking broadcast are limited.


~Meteorologist Robert Speta

One Response to “Strong Storm Blows over Japan and Rains hit the Southern PI / 21 April 2012”

  1. Ha, I just realized about one minute in to the video you can hear my coffee brewing, working stiff here. LOL

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