Philippines 3-Day Forecast | April 22, 2012

We are seeing some changes in the weather for the country today and for the upcoming week. While many places are still sizzling in the mid and upper 30s, chances for rain showers have increased as a front and the ITCZ affect the country.

IR Image from NOAA

The satellite image above shows an increase in cloud cover compared to last week which is definitely helping to limit the rise of temperatures during the daytime hours. Unfortunately, there is no widespread rains in the forecast. However, on and off showers and isolated thunderstorms during the afternoon and early evening hours are sure to give some relief to the public.

Forecast Graphic (NOT OFFICIAL!)

A front that stretches into Japan is moving through Northern Luzon today. It is helping to increase the chances of rain as well as bring breezy north-to-northeasterly winds. Parts of Northern and Eastern Luzon could see some rains develop overnight and into tomorrow. There could also be some isolated thunderstorms developing over parts of Central and Southern Luzon in the next few days. Further south, Visayas and Mindanao are also getting some much-needed rain showers as the ITCZ continues to affect the region. While much of the rain has been affecting Borneo Island lately, Palawan and Western Mindanao should still see showers developing for tomorrow. The rest of the region will have lower chances for thunderstorms.

Clearer skies expected on Tuesday for parts of Luzon and Visayas. After that, we’ll be watching another wave out in the east (Pacific Ocean). Next update will be on Wednesday, April 25.

-WxCaster PAT

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