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WestPac Wx SE Asia Weather Update 26 Apr 2012

The weather in the South East Asia has been wet for several days as 2 low pressure was lingering around the region. Currently the two are of low pressure is further north in Northern Thailand and Vietnam bringing a heavy amount of heavy rain in the region but still, the South East Asia region has been affected partially by the system. Over on the Philippines, Invest 97w that kicks off with a strong potential as the first Tropical Cyclone for the PI is currently being tear off by the Ridge of High in the North East Philippines sea which has resulted the system to lost its organization and formation. Model forecast such as NoGaps and GFS has it nothing more than a low pressure as of now but if the system manage to survives for the next 24 to 48 hour, there is a possibility of regaining strength and end up as a tropical system.

Overall in Malaysia, weather will remains wet for the coming three days and earlier this week we did received news that flash flood occurs over the Borneo Island in Sabah, specifically the area of Lahad Datu. I have yet to receive consensus from a photo owner located in that area therefore I am not able to post the flood photo here for everyone. Following is the forecast of three days weather from the Malaysia Meteorological Department (MMD). I know is a bit lengthy but I will try my best to make a shorter version in my next updates.

Over in Singapore, the Singapore Weather Agency forecast that late morning and afternoon thunder showers for the next 3 days with temperature of 24 – 32 Degree Celsius.

And finally over Brunei, the Brunei Weather Agency also forecast similar wet weather over the states with Thunder showers and Showers occurring over the state for the next three days with temperature ranging from 25 Celsius to 32 Celsius.

That’s all from me right now, will have another similar updates on the 29th April (Sunday) if possible.
Stay safe and have a good day.

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