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A mixed Bag of weather as Yellow Sand Blows out of the Gobi and Storms erupt in South East China

The China Meteorological Administration issued various warnings on Friday ranging from Yellow sand in the North to Severe Thunderstorms in the south and as time came to pass all of these events rolled out according to plan.

 Starting in the North Yellow sand blew out of the sand dunes in the Gobi (picture right) and spread east covering portions of North East China under a layer of dust before moving on the Korean Peninsula where it reduced visibilities below 2km at times. Now going in to Sunday night and Monday the dust is still carrying East and can be clearly seen on Visible satellite imagery. Below is a picture from NEXSAT, (links can be found at the Links page) if one looks closely over the Sea of Japan you can see a shady milky color, this is a tell tale sign of Yellow Sand over the Ocean.

 Yellows sands effects can sometimes be subtle, an example would be producing a nice sunset with shades of reds and oranges, or even getting ones cloth dusty if left hanging outside to dry.

On the other hand it also has the potential to kill, people with respiratory issues must always be prepared and even stay in doors when the forecast has this pointing towards your area. Plus driving can be dangerous, yellow sand can reduce visibilities worst than fog if thick enough. That’s why always check slow down if you see a wall of this coming towards you.


South East China, Hong Kong and Taiwan saw an abundant amount of rainfall this weekend, and still the forecast is shaping up to bring even more rainfall to areas West of Shanghai. Some of these areas could see up to 150-200mm in the next 72hrs (image left) as the frontal area that lingers over the region slowly develops. It will begin to move East as a low pressure system to the southern Japanese islands where more rainfall will occur specially in southern Kyushu where 200mm is on the cards. Then by Monday night in to Tuesday morning the rains will reach Tokyo first light then getting heavier through the day as this new low clips just to the south of Honshu Tuesday.

The pictures below are from the CMA of some of the storms that struck Liaoning Province where a Yellow Thunderstorm alert was issued by CMA before reports of Urban flooding flowed in. 


That’s is all for right now though, If you wish to get information on 97W please read FRANCIS and ADONIS update earlier today on the storm. Plus be sure to check out the Satellite surface analysis.


If you have any questions as well please post them in the comment box below.


~Meteorologist Robert Speta

Heavy rain over Hong Kong, developing Invest 97W and WestPac Wx SE Asia Weather Update 29 Apr 2012

Good day everyone and today yet another South East Asia updates from me at here. Two attention point to look on today’s weather here in the western pacific. The first we would be looking at the heavy thunderstorm over Hong Kong due to an area of low pressure with heavy rain amounted to more than 150mm has been reported there by fellow friends James Reynolds a.k.a TyphoonFury. Next, Invest 97W has now been officially recognized as a Tropical Depression by JMA. But before moving further, the following is the Weather Maps produced by the Thailand Meteorological Department earlier today.

At least six to seven area of low pressure can be observed from the above weather maps and this definitely means alot of rainfall occurring all over the place in the region. Also, we do have a stationary front located in Mainland China just north of Taiwan and surely it has dropped ample amount of rainfall over Taiwan and it is currently moving east ward over to Japan.

A look at the Isohyet Chart for the past 24 hour from Hong Kong Observatory, we can see that a very heavy amount of precipitation has been dump over Hong Kong with several area receiving rainfall between 150mm to 200mm namely Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan, cities like Yuen Long, Sha Tin and Sai Kung also received amount of rainfall over 100mm for the past 24 hour and unofficial report saying that flash flood has occurred in some low lying area in Hong Kong. At press, weather is reported to be fair with most of the area are receiving precipitation below 10mm for the past hour.

Meanwhile over the Philippine, Invest 97w as per mentioned in my previous post, if able to sustain the high pressure windshear for the next 48 to 36 hour it would be regaining its strength and early today, it is reported that the system is reorganizing and is moving fast towards Mindanao. Satellite imagery shows an impressive convective banding over the system with winds near the centre of the system was about 10 – 20 knots. Detailed information has been posted by Adonis earlier today HERE. More information will be uploaded from time to time if the system is going to develop into a Tropical Cyclone.

Back to the South East Asia, below are the official weather forecast for the next 3 days released by the Malaysia Meteorological Department for the Peninsula Malaysia and also the Borneo states. Generally, most of the states will experienced isolated thunderstorms and isolated rain in the afternoon with estimated temperature of 24 Celsius to 32 Celsius.

Over in Singapore, the Singapore Weather Agency forecast that for the coming 3 days, please do expect some late morning and afternoon thundery showers with a low of 25 Celsius and a high of 32 Celsius.

Finally over in Brunei, the Brunei Weather Agency forecast Thunder showers and Showers occurring over the state for the next three days with temperature ranging from 25 Celsius to 32 Celsius.

Before I wrap up my updates, I would like to make a note to all my viewer that my post was being copied over to the following website without my consensus. I am not going to argue with the owner of the site as previously few of the authors here experienced the same thing and if you, the viewer have surf the site, you would be surprised that most of the post here is being published over there mostly without the authors consensus.
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That’s all from me right now. The next similar update will be on the 2nd of May. But do stay tune from time to time updates on the severe weather happening now in the Western Pacific Basin. Stay safe and have a good day.

WestPac Wx SE Asia Casters ~Francis~