A mixed Bag of weather as Yellow Sand Blows out of the Gobi and Storms erupt in South East China

The China Meteorological Administration issued various warnings on Friday ranging from Yellow sand in the North to Severe Thunderstorms in the south and as time came to pass all of these events rolled out according to plan.

 Starting in the North Yellow sand blew out of the sand dunes in the Gobi (picture right) and spread east covering portions of North East China under a layer of dust before moving on the Korean Peninsula where it reduced visibilities below 2km at times. Now going in to Sunday night and Monday the dust is still carrying East and can be clearly seen on Visible satellite imagery. Below is a picture from NEXSAT, (links can be found at the westernpacificweather.com Links page) if one looks closely over the Sea of Japan you can see a shady milky color, this is a tell tale sign of Yellow Sand over the Ocean.

 Yellows sands effects can sometimes be subtle, an example would be producing a nice sunset with shades of reds and oranges, or even getting ones cloth dusty if left hanging outside to dry.

On the other hand it also has the potential to kill, people with respiratory issues must always be prepared and even stay in doors when the forecast has this pointing towards your area. Plus driving can be dangerous, yellow sand can reduce visibilities worst than fog if thick enough. That’s why always check slow down if you see a wall of this coming towards you.


South East China, Hong Kong and Taiwan saw an abundant amount of rainfall this weekend, and still the forecast is shaping up to bring even more rainfall to areas West of Shanghai. Some of these areas could see up to 150-200mm in the next 72hrs (image left) as the frontal area that lingers over the region slowly develops. It will begin to move East as a low pressure system to the southern Japanese islands where more rainfall will occur specially in southern Kyushu where 200mm is on the cards. Then by Monday night in to Tuesday morning the rains will reach Tokyo first light then getting heavier through the day as this new low clips just to the south of Honshu Tuesday.

The pictures below are from the CMA of some of the storms that struck Liaoning Province where a Yellow Thunderstorm alert was issued by CMA before reports of Urban flooding flowed in. 


That’s is all for right now though, If you wish to get information on 97W please read FRANCIS and ADONIS update earlier today on the storm. Plus be sure to check out the westernpacificweather.com Satellite surface analysis.


If you have any questions as well please post them in the comment box below.


~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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