30 APRIL 2012 Western Pacific Weather Update

A low pressure area is pushing over Japan bringing rain with it, in the next 72hrs parts of Japan could see over 200mm of rainfall. Meanwhile the start of the rainy season is showing face in China. More rain is expected in and around Hong Kong. Lastly the tropics are relativly quite today after the rough weekend with the LPA moving on shore in Southern Mindanao. Now it is bones of its previous cluster of clouds, but still rain is coming out of it. If anyone has any pictures reports or videos from this storm or any storm in the westpac were always open to seeing them.

Also if you have any suggestions or comments please put them in the comment box below.


~Meteorologist Robert Speta

Lastly here is something new, Its still in its testing phase but it is a Forecast for 01 May at 00Z.

One Response to “30 APRIL 2012 Western Pacific Weather Update”

  1. Here in Davao we had some short periods of heavy rain overnight but no real wind to speak of and I have not heard of storm damage reports.

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