Spring storm blows over Japan, Invest 98W in the PI and Malaysia Floods

03 May 2012, A rough day indeed across the Western Pacific,

Starting in Japan a deep area of low pressure is blowing through today where some locations are seeing upwards of 500mm of rainfall a 24hr period, this is bringing the risk of floods and also landslides on some of the steeper elevations here. Already JMA has issued “ground loosening rains” today for some areas West of Tokyo.  Not only rains though but gusty winds are also becoming a problem as over 50kph winds blow onshore along the East

Coast on Thursday.

For further warnings on this system go to JMA’s english site. 

To the south Invest 98W is spinning up bringing the threat of heavy rainfall the southern Phillippines, good news, this does not look like it will become organized, yet it still does bring the risk of floods and landslides.

Lastly we take a look at Malaysia, and flooding rains there, for a complete update though please click here.

This update is the opinions of westernpacificweather.com,  for official information please visit your local WMO approved Site.

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