Typhoon Guchol Timeline for Okinawa

This is the latest version of our Typhoon Timeline. Guchol is now 250km south of Okinawa and is starting to bring light to moderate rains across the islands (radar from JMA click HERE). Furthermore, sustained winds of 30 to 45kph and gusts of 50 to 70kph are starting to be recorded in the area as well. We have our latest Typhoon Timeline for Okinawa to give a sense of what conditions will be like in the next 12 hours. This forecast is NOT OFFICIAL and is taken from JMA and JTWC forecasts. Please continue to consult JMA (or Kadena Weather) for the latest official warnings and forecasts for your area.

IR Image from NRLMRY

Typhoon Timeline (NOT OFFICIAL!)

9pm JST: 120km southeast of Okinawa, 230km west of Daitojima. Sustained winds of 50 to 70kph possible for Okinawa; gusts of up to 120kph likely. Light to moderate rains continue to fall as well.
12am JST: 200km northeast of Okinawa, 180km northwest of Daitojima, 160km southeast of Amami. Tropical storm force winds continue for Okinawa although starting to weaken. TS-force sustained still possible for Daitojima with occasional typhoon-force gusts. Winds of 40 to 70kph starting for Amami.
3am JST: 140km east of Amami, 340km northeast of Okinawa, 250km north northwest of Daitojima. Tropical storm winds continue for Amami. Winds starting to weaken for Okinawa although occasional gusts of up to 80kph still possible. Winds starting to weaken for Daitojima as well although could still range from 60 to 100kph with gusts of up to 120kph.
6am JST: 240km northeast of Amami, 260km southeast of Kagoshima, 480km northeast of Okinawa, 390km north of Daitojima. Winds dying down for Okinawa. TS winds still likely for Amami and Daitojima. TS-force winds starting to be felt across southern and eastern portions of Kyushu.

Continue to visit us for the latest updates on Typhoon Guchol as well as on a developing cyclone in the South China Sea–TD 06W (Talim). Stay safe everyone!

-WxCaster PAT

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