TS Haikui and SW Monsoon Afternoon Update August 8, 2012

**Breaking: Red Warning Signal has been issued by PAGASA yet again as they expect another round of torrential rainfall across Metro Manila. Please go to Western Pacific Weather for the latest updates on the effects of the monsoon in and around Luzon:

Live Updates from Western Pacific Weather

Latest video update on Tropical Storm Haikui which has weakened from a typhoon after making landfall in Eastern China earlier this morning. Haikui is now moving across Zhejiang Province, southwest of Shanghai. Strong winds and heavy rains continue to be reported across many provinces in Eastern China with some stations now receiving up to 300mm of rain. China Meteorological Administration is expecting as much as 100 to even 200mm of rain to fall in the next 2 days. Haikui will slow down and should weaken to a tropical depression by Friday. Its remnants will move back into East China Sea by Saturday but is not expected to re-intensify.

The video also gives the latest updates on the continuing effects of the Southwest Monsoon across Luzon. Many areas are still flooded although some are reporting that the water has begun to recede. Marikina River has finally come down to about 17m (it reached 20m last night). Some dams, however, continue to release water as the water level is still beyond the critical/spilling level. Please continue to monitor developments in your area on the news or on the web.

[youtube_sc url=”www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nNDJpaYot8″]

If you have any reports, images, and/or videos to share please email them to us at philippineweather@yahoo.com or at westpacweather@gmail.com

Continue to stay with the Western Pacific Weather for the latest on the tropics and the monsoon. Our Live Updates managed by Wxguy Adonis will keep you updated throughout today. Also continue monitoring the network stations (GMA, ABSCBN, TV5) for the latest school cancellations, road closures, flood status, and many more for your area. Stay safe everyone!

-WxCaster PAT

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