STS Tembin (Igme) | Typhoon Bolaven (Julian) Update August 25, 2012

**If you have any storm videos or images from Typhoon Tembin in Taiwan, please share them with us at

Latest Update on Tropical Storm Tembin (Bagyong Igme) and Typhoon Bolaven (Bagyong Julian). This is a long video update so if you are only interested in one storm, our update for Tembin begins at 0:53 while our update for Bolaven begins at 7:20

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Tembin is meandering in the South China Sea southeast of Guangdong Province. It is trying to reorganize after making landfall in Taiwan yesterday. Eyewall is starting to form again and convection activity is increasing. Despite the more westward movement, Tembin is still forecast to be strongly influenced by Bolavan. It should still make a u-turn back towards the Philippine Area of Responsibility and could even make a second landfall in Taiwan by Monday as a Typhoon.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Bolaven continues to move across the Philippine Sea, continues to intensify. It is still expected to hit Okinawa by as early tomorrow morning (Sunday) as a Category 4 Typhoon. Tropical Storm winds will begin for Okinawa later tonight. Peak winds of up to 240kph possible in the island between 10am and 6pm local time as Bolaven makes landfall. Tropical Storm conditions will not end, though, until Monday morning. Outer bands from Bolaven could also begin impacting Okinawa later tonight and will get heavier throughout the day tomorrow. As much as 300mm of rain is possible here in the next 2 days. Eventually, Bolaven is forecast to make landfall in North Korea by Tuesday as a Category 2 or a Category 1 Typhoon.

Kadena Base is now under TCCOR 1 with winds of 50kt (95kph) or greater expected within 12 hours. Residents here should have all their preparations ready and move to safer place if necessary.

Radar Image from JMA

Latest radar out of Minamidaito shows the outer bands of Bolaven starting to impact Daito Islands and are moving closer towards Okinawa. Daito-jima has recorded 30mm of rain since this morning and more is on the way. As for Okinawa, rains could begin in the next 3 to 6 hours and will only get heavier as the hours go by. Furthermore, Daito Islands have been reporting Tropical Storm-force winds of up to 80kph since noon with occasional gusts reaching typhoon-strength of 120kph. Despite the distance of Daito to the eye of Bolaven, they are reporting impressive winds and pressure data–giving us an idea of how wide the wind field of this system is. For the latest radar images from Japan, please click HERE

Bolaven could be Okinawa’s strongest typhoon since Bart in 1999. Please DO NOT take this system lightly! Remember we are NOT an official agency so please continue to monitor JMA or Kadena Weather (Air base) for the latest updates. Always heed the warnings from your local officials. Stay safe!

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