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Typhoon Temin and Bolaven Update August 26, 2012

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Latest Update on Typhoon Tembin (Bagyong Igme) and Typhoon Bolaven (Bagyong Julian). This is a long video update so if you are only interested in one storm, our update for Tembin begins at 0:34 while our update for Bolaven begins at 6:55

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Once again, we have two typhoons in the Western Pacific. Tembin has been upgraded to a Typhoon by JMA earlier last night and could continue intensifying before making landfall in Southern Taiwan tomorrow evening (Monday). Right now, the system remains south of China but is starting to turn eastward. It will likely enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility tomorrow morning and could make landfall in Hengchun later that day. Tembin will be moving very slowly and will exit Taiwan on Tuesday as a weakening typhoon. Heavy rains and strong winds will begin impacting Taiwan and even Batanes Islands tomorrow morning, peaking by late Monday evening. There could be as much as 300mm of rain in the next 48 hours especially along the southern and eastern sections of Taiwan. Tembin is forecast to weaken to a Tropical Storm by Wednesday and could pose a threat to Eastern China later this week.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Bolaven is now about to make landfall in Okinawa. The system remains a very powerful Category 4 Typhoon despite the eyewall replacement cycle. Typhoon-force winds will start impacting Okinawa in an hour or so with the peak winds of more than 200kph expected to occur between 6pm and 9pm local time. Tropical Storm winds will not end until tomorrow morning (Monday). Aside from the damaging winds, the island will also receive more than 200mm of rain tonight and into tomorrow. Eventually, Bolaven will move northward and could make landfall in North Korea as a weakening Category 1 Typhoon.

Radar Image from JMA

Latest radar image from Okinawa showing the eye of Bolaven about to make landfall along the northern part of the island. Typhoon-force winds of 180kph are possible in this area along with very heavy rain. Typhoon force winds will continue for the next 3 hours while Tropical Storm force winds might not end until tomorrow morning (Monday). All in all, there could be as much as 200 to 300mm of rain in some parts of Okinawa through tomorrow. Please stay safe and continue to monitor warnings and forecasts from your official agencies. For the latest radar images, warnings, and forecasts from JMA, please click HERE

We’ll have continuous updates here at Western Pacific Weather. Our meteorologist Robert Speta has returned to Japan and will soon be making video updates himself. Stay safe!

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