Tropical Storm Tembin Afternoon Update August 29, 2012

Latest Video Update on Severe Tropical Storm Tembin and Bolaven.

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Bolaven has now transitioned into an extra-tropical cyclone over Northeastern China. It moved across the Korean Peninsula yesterday and has killed at least 11 people in South Korea. North Korea reported farmlands being destroyed along with minor damage to some structures. Bolaven is now moving into Russia and should be that much of a threat.

Tropical Storm Tembin, on the other hand, is moving east of Shanghai and could make landfall in South Korea tomorrow afternoon (Thursday); dealing a second blow to an already reeling region. Heavy rains and strong winds, along with rough seas, could start later tonight and will get worse throughout tomorrow. There could be as much as 100 to 200mm of additional rains along with gusty winds even into Seoul as the system is forecast to pass south of the city tomorrow evening.

Radar from KMA

Latest radar image from South Korea starting to pick up rains associated with Tembin. Unfortunately, stormy conditions could last for 12 to even 24 hours here with the peak occurring tomorrow afternoon. This may be a Tropical Storm and weaker than Bolaven but please don’t take this storm lightly.

Finally, we have a brief update on Isaac which is now a hurricane and is about to make landfall in Louisiana near New Orleans. Heavy rains, storm surge, and strong winds will continue impacting the Gulf Coast for at least another 12 to even 24 hours. Please continue monitoring updates here via the National Hurricane Center, The Weather Channel, and also through our affiliate

Remember, we are NOT an official forecasting agency. If you are in South Korea, please consult the Korean Meteorological Administration for the last radar images, warnings, and forecasts. KMA Website can be reached HERE

Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT

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